Sunday, 10 May 2015

Good Bye dorm life.

Is been around 2 months since I arrived in Kyoto and I'm still trying to get used with my new lifestyle. I finally move out of my dorm and settled in to my own place which I can call home. The dorm was nice however the walls are really thin so I practically can hear whats happening in my room above me. It was pretty hard to sleep since she was awake at wee hours. So as much as I didn't like sleeping there, I will still miss that place. I met many wonderful people and it was really fun talking to them. It was the first place I stayed when I arrived in Kyoto after all. 

Took some photos before I left because didn't had time to take when I arrived. 

The street that lead to the dorm. It was a quiet and cozy. 

I can still remember the day that I tried to find this place and google map didn't help much either. It was really hard to find! 

Bicycle parking. 

Cozy little room. 

This is how you heat up the water for showers. 

 The toilet which has a really bad design... with towel hangers everywhere but you can't use it. 

There was a vending machine next to the laundry room. And is also well known for being the smoking corner. 

3 washing machine! No cost! JUST USE ONLY! 

The kitchen and dining room. 

I was a messy little girl when I was staying in that room. 
Didn't had any shelves or boxes to put things. My laptop practically took up the whole table space!

And kapibara was swamping my beds XD I need more! 

The one thing that I really couldn't live with is that my toilet takes up to 12 hours to drain out the water. It was really madness! If I wanted to use the toilet I needed to wear my platform shoes just to use it. I needed to calculate when I should bath because the next morning I may be able to use it ._. After a while then the plumber came and they found a pen or a stick that was clogging up the whole drain. A FREAKING PEN? ARE YOU SERIOUS! Well at least now my new home got a good drainage system and I can shower in peace. Not to mention a separate toilet! 

Monday, 30 March 2015

Settling down in Japan

Been roughly 2 weeks since I came to Japan and there is still so much things to do !!! From moving in the the dorm to bank accounts and paper works and that there is school stuff! Everything is so new and Im loving the experience Im getting. One of the best decision of my life is to take this big step and to move out of my comfort zone. Seeing a brand new country and getting familiar with the surrounding is just so exciting. 

I really need to thank my friend Liping for helping me so much since I arrived here! Without her I will be soo lost as I am not that good with my Japanese at all! I shall study harder for my Japanese language.  

I gotten my "Alien card" from the immigration counter at the airport with my ugl
So not going to show it! Was so happy to received it knowing that Im a residence at another country. Yup is time to study again and get a degree! 

Right now there is still so many things to do and Im probably going to move out after 2 months which meaning more paperwork and finding for a place! Even thought I like my dorm and is there is so many convenient stores and super markets. Im would want to move nearer to school. 

But for now is time to relax on my futon and the lovely bed sheet I picked out for myself! Part of my dream of having a pinky girly room is coming true!

Thats all for my update now! I shall post more soon when Im settled in!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Preparing for the big day.

Right now, I am still trying to pack my bags and thinking what to bring over to Japan! I so hype up about it that I can hardly sleep at night thinking about what I am going to do in school and overseas. This is just so new to me and Im so looking forward to the new experience.

Many of my best friends have already been studying overseas and they always tell me such wonderful stories about how they found themselves, get to meet so many people and have such an awesome experience. After many years of dreaming that I wanted to experience that too I finally take the step and making it happen! I will never ever regret this decision even if it means going to be away from people I love and I will miss them dearly. This experience is once in a life time and I shall not let it get away.

To all my friends that have been really supportive and encouraging me, Thank you so much!! Love you all to bits, I will miss you all and of course we will meet again! To my wonderful boyfriend, Vincent. Thank you for being there for me and understanding why I want to do this. Is not the end for us but a brand new beginning in this long distance relationship. I know with miles apart our love will still be the same with sweet, cakes and kapibaras.

Well, so far I pack already one luggage which I have a feeling is overweight. I better figure out something as I only can bring 3 luggage and Im not even half way there. Realize that I have so much clothes I want to bring because I don't wear them in Singapore. Singapore is just far too hot for all these pretty clothes. and people usually judge you wear lolita, gyaru and fairy kei. I so going to let lose my inner fashion girl in Japan and wear whatever I want to wear to my heart consent. Keep a look out as Im so going to post OOTD and LOTD when I have the time!

Now is time to back to packing and figure out what else I need. From the look of it, I have a lot of clothes which is too small for me and Im going to give them away.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Tokyo trip in Jan 2015

Really sudden trip to Japan because my parents wanted to meet their friends and I needed to do my school paperwork. So a trip to Japan! Finally after 14 years of wanting to come back I am finally back here again!! Didn't really take much photos but here is what happened. I also havent finish taking pictures of my hauls! Shall post in another post.  

Had really good BBQ seafood for our first meal!

Went to Harjuku with Zander and went to eat at Mee Pancakes! 

FINALLY GOT MY LIZ LISA LUCKY PACK that I wanted it for really long time! The last one in Shibuya and I just snatch it away! 

Went to Harajuku street for more shopping~ 

Had one of the BEST soba I ever eaten in my life, Thanks to Daphne friend for bringing us there! 


And this got to be one of the most deliouse dessert. It was cheesecake ice cream with Creme Brulee, It was too good! 

Shall post about Hokkaido soon! 

Monday, 9 February 2015

2014 to 2015 at Catalunya

Been so busy that I didn't even post my 2014 new year eve celebration! Damnit!
Time for serious backlog to the past~ On how I spend my new year eve! I went to Catalunya! Thank you for the Lew family for inviting my family again! 

Bought this dress from Taobao because My mother told me we needed to dress up a bit more. and this lovely dress is only $10. Great buy from taobao!

Love also bought a new blazer and it looks really good on him.

My mom lended me her necklace and braclet too + did my hair! 

Vincent with Vincent! 

At Catalunya, it was a special menu for new year eve. I got to say some dish was pretty unique. 

Oernil Pa Amb Tomaquet, Basically Jamon Iberico served on Bread with tomato. 

Bombo De Foie Amb Parline De Pinyons 
Chocolate cover foie gras truffles. It was way too rich for me.  

Carabinero, Mill De los I caviar. 
Prawn with bone marrow and caviar. 

Amandia Pasta Negra. Llamantol I vieira 
Squid ink pasta with lobster and scallop
(Im really starting to like Squid ink pasta)

Canelo De cep I trufa Blanca
Porcini mushroom canelon with white truffle, One of the best dish to me. 

Llobarro amb erico I avalon 
Seabass with Sea urchin and abalone 

Espatlleta de xai amb bolets 
Lamb shoulder with mushrooms 

Chocolate Alunga Cassis I yogurt.
Chocolate with cassis and yogurt. 
This was really good! 

We also had one of the best spots to view the fireworks~ It was really lovely and beautiful! One of the best ever! 

My parents who enjoy the night as much as we did!  

Super fun night expect for the time we had to get to the car which was park in another building and the human traffic was SO BAD! Oh what to do, it was new year and everyone that is everyone was out. However the thing that scare me was the number of foreigners.
Well im fine with them if they don't come bother me but many were just taking advantage of the situation. They just keep on pushing so that their friends or themselves will just touch onto girls. Sigh, it was pretty gross to see some people get molest because of it. 

Notheraless , I had a great time and I can't wait for an awesome year for 2015! Is going to be better than last year I can grantee that.