Saturday, 20 December 2014

Sueann and Louie Loke wedding at W Hotel.

Is been quite some time already however I shall still blog this! Is the wedding of my cousin Louie Loke and his beautiful wife Sueann Yao. The wedding took place at W hotel which is located in Sentosa Cove, the resort island . 

The wedding was a really grand one indeed when we found out it was at W hotel. So my mom said that I had to do my hair. I guess my normal hair styling just won't cut it. 
So I went with her to a makeup artist that her friends was recommending and they come out with this look for me. A really new look that I never really try before with Red lips. 
I never really dare to try red lips before because of how lushes and fierce it look. 

This experience really made me feel that I can suit red lips. Provided if my whole makeup suit just for it. Or else to me it will be just plain weird. 

I needed to get a gown for the night too and got this from far east plaza. Which it was amazingly gorgeous. The compliments I got for the dress was overwhelm. 

Mom also let me wear her bracelet to match my dress. Im not really into these kind of thing.. and it was really hard to wear it.. I doubt I will ever buy one for myself. 

At the pre cocktail party before the wedding there was a sweet spread in the middle and it was like a sweet wonderland! With the amount of cup cake and flower meringue with cake pops. Oh my it was such a treat! 

A bit later, some servers was serving savory dishes like potato cheese sticks, salt & perpper mushrooms and chicken skewers. The mushrooms was to DIE FOR! IT WAS REALLY THAT GOOD. Until Vincent needed to hold me back because I keep taking for them. The girl even giggle as I told her "shhhh meet me later at the back door so that I can get this whole bowl from you" Yup that good! Imagine at the cocktail reception the food was already overwhelming. 

Me and my mom! (I honestly don't know how to smile with red lips...)

As we proceed inside to our tables, the room was so beautiful with the gold theme. 

Swan!! (So not sure if I remember how to do this fold but it was supposed to be easy.) 

The menu of the day. 9 COURSE MEAL 

The wedding gift for the night.

Nothing to do? TAKE PHOTO! XD 

and then came the course. 

Weird spoon... looks nice.. but not that practical. 

Didn't manage to take some dishes due to the fact I was going around talking to people. 
Met Gabbie again and she is soo pretty!! 

The lovely Couple. Her gown is just too pretty! I swear she look like a Korean! 

Bet you can't see me because me and my cousins was hiding behide! 

after that there was a lot of photo taking. And it became like this

The night ended really late but super fun as to see everyone from my family side again and friends. One of the most enjoyable wedding as the staff was really friendly and hyper! Just love talking to them. By the time I got home I was super shag but I had a war with my hair due to the number of bobby pins I needed to extract. I swear, thats the only thing I hate about doing my hair. 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Kapibara 2014

Another year meaning another year for more kapibaras! Yes I am that crazy for kapis~ 

So what happened this year for kapibara? 

Brought this cup to my office for everyday use during work! It keep me smile even when I am stress. 

Bought this cute kapibara tissue box holder from carousell! Totally worth the money! 
Now when I am crying due to a sad show or movie, this little baby will be next to me!

Got all these from my brother who went to japan and I asked him JUST GET ANYTHING THAT IS KAPIBARA! 

I swear I was the happiest girl alive when I saw all this!! THAT SIDE-KUN HAHA 
I use that to whack vincent all the time because of its judging face. 

SEE HOW WELL IT JUDGE! Even when you are sleeping =x 


Then found this in plaza singapura! A really cute kapibara that is standing. 
Is supposed to be the Hawaii version so is like dancing. I got the one without the outfit. 
Is soo cute but now it became vincent's favorite due to the fact that is standing and he name is GOJIRA. oh god.. 

HOWEVER 8D! GOOD BLACK MAIL ITEM WAHAHHA! He now screams everytime I try to "kill" it. 

The handphone jack kapibara! 

And now with the whole family for my phone! 

So like... My bed is kinda getting a bit too crowded =X Sorry alpacas but you got to sit somewhere else now and Vincent the gaint kapibara needed to sleep on the floor haha! 
Since momo and puteh is not pleased! 

Finally I got this from a instagramer who was trying to sell some of her kapibaras! And I just got to get this one for my car! Is like those that will move back and forth!! 
However for those who sit in my car and have no idea what is a kapibara they will always asked if that is a pile of shit D8!